Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Job new life...kaka not complaining

Well been awhile since i wrote a "love letter" in here..what to do...the new job is really flood with work but i still have space to breath.
From my previous post, i was suppose to work with a furniture company but i bail out cuz i found a better job offer, offer me better salary and future..
By the way, i am dealing with plastic product design now not furniture which actually i am not so INTO furniture...

Job now are slighty more interesting but we have to wait and see if any earthquake or volcano might burst while i working here. Hopefully NOT!!!!!
Although i work at Shah Alam which way very far from my home but i dont see any problem with the distance which is strange. I am comfortable with my new job which it kinda strange cuz normally i will nag and nag about it until i am satisfied with it..
People in here are nice, most of them or should i said everyone in here is willing to teach you but you have to ask for it. It doesnt come that way.. There is no spoon feeding here and most of the time i have to work my witz to get thing done especially i am 100% dealing with 3d Design...everything have to be prefect. So far i did make it prefect but time will tell if thing fall apart. But based on my attitude and characteristic *ehmm* i am not going to let thing fall apart at all...0% of failure. Maybe i am bullshitting here but hey that is what blog for 30% from the heart 70% bullshit.

Did anyone too a notice on the new release of Honda Civic, the rising spirit.. OMG it such a beauty but the price is really %$#@ . But i like 2.0 version more but can i minus the stering design...too futuristic. After minus the stering, the Honda Civic RS is prefect for me of course.
RM 135k for that car...working my ass to have that car..hopefully by next year Chinese New Year that car will park inside my home register under my name..kakaka

that all for now...

have all the fun you can....

spykeaz signing off again...


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