Thursday, January 05, 2006

Work?? Money dont fall from sky!!!

Never thought of starting a blog for myself since i dont see the point of it. But now since it only been a month i start work. i still pretty free. People actually paid me to sit around in the office to play around with the internet :P Maybe because it only beginning of the year, nothing much to do. Well how i know cuz i am newbie in this business. My collegue are busy with something well what the heck i know they are busy off.
Position in the office is not clear off. Why was i hire? I dont know!! It was suppose to hire as a designer but instead of designing, i am doing copywriting job, marketing and management!! What the heck!! But not bad cuz what i been dealing all this well and learn is all about designing but i learn nothing about production and how to run it. I am learning well in here. I am learning in production line. I finally know how production people think and what make them difference from designer. Designer think uniquness, reach the unpossible, design stuff who know it is practical or not. But a production team think only thing and one principle. CAN IT PRODUCE OR NOT!!! That make them different. And also it all about $$$ for the production people. Sigh when will money is not an object when come to stuff?? I wonder if that day will come :D
Well i am going to continue and drink from the fountain of knowledege. And of course filling more $$$ into my saving :D Till then i shall continue with life.


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