Monday, January 09, 2006

My job = suck

Well i was hoping to change my job environment cuz i not so happy with this job although i only been in this job for a month plus..Not doing anything that related back to what i studies at my college.
Before i go any further, let me start the whole thing. Upon my graduation as a product designer, like all the graduate, i was busy hunting for job. Like all the first timer, most first job are introduce by friends or family member. So is mine first job as a designer was introduce by my aunt's friends. This job doesnt suti me at all cuz i am not a graphic designer but i am a product designer. I design product not graphic for a packaging or book or anything 2D printed. So i thought i try to work at this place while i hunt around for another job.
Hiey..this job is not that bad cuz the collegue is great only the job description. My boss only hand me the job task when it like rite 3 hours off the deadline. Damn he must think that we are all program robot that can finish the job in 3 hours especially we are talking about design!!!! In my letter of appointment, mine working hours is 9- 5.30 pm but my real working hour is 3-7opm u know why?? Cuz from 9-3 pm i have nothing to do cuz my boss not in yet..but when he come back, my nightmare start, cuz all he want must be done that day!!! Crazy nut case. Not complaining cuz i need to work but complaining cuz he dont give time ppl to work. I mean i can work better if u come in 9 am and give me the thing u want me to do then i for sure can hand to u by 5.30 pm rite. Well cuz u are the boss so i dont expect one should come in that early but u can still pass to me before that so i can DO something in the morning :(
What to as an employee is not that great now...
So my next post is follow by a happy new..follow up :)


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