Thursday, January 05, 2006

First Post..mean something???

First post? Always something special to type. But how special is special? How unique is unique? I always wonder. Why not every post is a unique post and a special post? Why limit it to the first post or the last post? You guys probably thinking why i ask so many question. This lead to my reason of my post. I realise life is fully of question and answer. Some life is full of interesting question, some full with sad and sorrow and hatred question. But the important is not what question life ask, is what answer you want to reply to your question. You reply as postive as you can or as negative as you can. I choose to answer my question as positive as cheerful as i can. Cuz you know why, life is already pathetic enough by question and if you answer pathetic, life is definetely pathetic. For those who ask why life is so unfair or why this and that? I ask you one question for a change, what are you going to do for the change of it? Continue asking why life is unfair and why god this and that or you going to do something about it.
In past 4 years of my life, life change dramatically and drastically. I have transform from a wealth and rich brat who doesnt need to deal anything esp in materialistic to make my life better. I have everything in my life a teenager can ask for, from money to car to everything but now i, a 360 degree turnover. I have to work hard to make it happen now. I never imagine i have to work hard for it. But it doesnt turn out that bad that i imagine. It turn out to be better!! My friend respect me for my independence. Respect me for my decision making and trust me for my words and action. You see, life can be that fragile but it can also be that strong. It just HOW YOU SEE IT n DEAL WITH IT!!
So like as a human and dog also the same. In this blog i shall tell you the tale of each and every of my dog and their life with me. Who help me be a better individual in understanding my world and their world.


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