Monday, January 09, 2006

Change of environment :)

I went to Balakong on Saturday for a job interview. Was hoping to get this job cuz it is darn near to my place compare to where i work now. This place is 15 minute away from home, now job is 1 hour and 05 minute away. Big difference rite, i know :(. Most important, it was i study for, a product designer job :)
Saturday was raining, there go my hope of good luck with this job. I am moody as the sky way before i attend my interview.
I was on time at 9.30 am as i was schedule for the interview. When in there, i was suprise cuz how big was that factory. I didnt expect that big :o. Okay when in there blur blur, sit there for 45 minute cuz they have sudden management meeting so i dungu dungu sitting there more nervous than before. Finally at 10.25 am, the person who suppose to interview me. He sat down, question and answer section began, for 5 minute. That was short i assume. It didnt end there, cuz he told me i am going to do a exam!!! Exam on job interview, didnt expect that!!
So my heart was bom bom as i did the exam. Cuz i was nervous, my mind when blank cuz i cant think!! But it slowly coming back to me as time goes. Did the exam for 1 hour plus, finally done. Not prefect cuz i really cant think so i expected the worst, that is the words " SORRY, I DONT THINK U ARE SUITABLE FOR OUR JOB"
So after the test , we when outside to sat down and q and a section start again. Suddenly the big boss, the owner of the company show up to do 2nd part interview..pweeh i nearly stop breathing. So my hope to get hire is slimer now :(
But suddenly a light shine on me :) cuz the big boss told me the most sweestest thing i ever heard " YOU ARE HIRE, WHEN CAN U JOIN"
Walauyeh..u dont know how is my facial expression is like. As if i strike lottery liao. Told them will join them after Chinese New Year, that is February cuz need to at least finish my respossiblity as a graphic designer now :( and also get the ang pau from the boss now. Hey everyone love money what make that different between me and everyone.
So that is a good new for me cuz got a new job after new year and it related 100% to what i study. Closer to home mean save petrol, time and tol money p.s new job no need to pass tol at all :) The best of all the salary is better than what i paid for now as a probation employee. The only worry i have in this new job is it require me to sign 2 years contract. 2 year can be short or long, it all depend to one person. I just afraid i cant keep up but i should have faith with myself :)

If one fail, take it as a lesson
If one success, move on one step further
But never forget,
Fail or success,
It still a step and room for improvement

written by nicki chung


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