Monday, January 09, 2006

Change of environment :)

I went to Balakong on Saturday for a job interview. Was hoping to get this job cuz it is darn near to my place compare to where i work now. This place is 15 minute away from home, now job is 1 hour and 05 minute away. Big difference rite, i know :(. Most important, it was i study for, a product designer job :)
Saturday was raining, there go my hope of good luck with this job. I am moody as the sky way before i attend my interview.
I was on time at 9.30 am as i was schedule for the interview. When in there, i was suprise cuz how big was that factory. I didnt expect that big :o. Okay when in there blur blur, sit there for 45 minute cuz they have sudden management meeting so i dungu dungu sitting there more nervous than before. Finally at 10.25 am, the person who suppose to interview me. He sat down, question and answer section began, for 5 minute. That was short i assume. It didnt end there, cuz he told me i am going to do a exam!!! Exam on job interview, didnt expect that!!
So my heart was bom bom as i did the exam. Cuz i was nervous, my mind when blank cuz i cant think!! But it slowly coming back to me as time goes. Did the exam for 1 hour plus, finally done. Not prefect cuz i really cant think so i expected the worst, that is the words " SORRY, I DONT THINK U ARE SUITABLE FOR OUR JOB"
So after the test , we when outside to sat down and q and a section start again. Suddenly the big boss, the owner of the company show up to do 2nd part interview..pweeh i nearly stop breathing. So my hope to get hire is slimer now :(
But suddenly a light shine on me :) cuz the big boss told me the most sweestest thing i ever heard " YOU ARE HIRE, WHEN CAN U JOIN"
Walauyeh..u dont know how is my facial expression is like. As if i strike lottery liao. Told them will join them after Chinese New Year, that is February cuz need to at least finish my respossiblity as a graphic designer now :( and also get the ang pau from the boss now. Hey everyone love money what make that different between me and everyone.
So that is a good new for me cuz got a new job after new year and it related 100% to what i study. Closer to home mean save petrol, time and tol money p.s new job no need to pass tol at all :) The best of all the salary is better than what i paid for now as a probation employee. The only worry i have in this new job is it require me to sign 2 years contract. 2 year can be short or long, it all depend to one person. I just afraid i cant keep up but i should have faith with myself :)

If one fail, take it as a lesson
If one success, move on one step further
But never forget,
Fail or success,
It still a step and room for improvement

written by nicki chung

My job = suck

Well i was hoping to change my job environment cuz i not so happy with this job although i only been in this job for a month plus..Not doing anything that related back to what i studies at my college.
Before i go any further, let me start the whole thing. Upon my graduation as a product designer, like all the graduate, i was busy hunting for job. Like all the first timer, most first job are introduce by friends or family member. So is mine first job as a designer was introduce by my aunt's friends. This job doesnt suti me at all cuz i am not a graphic designer but i am a product designer. I design product not graphic for a packaging or book or anything 2D printed. So i thought i try to work at this place while i hunt around for another job.
Hiey..this job is not that bad cuz the collegue is great only the job description. My boss only hand me the job task when it like rite 3 hours off the deadline. Damn he must think that we are all program robot that can finish the job in 3 hours especially we are talking about design!!!! In my letter of appointment, mine working hours is 9- 5.30 pm but my real working hour is 3-7opm u know why?? Cuz from 9-3 pm i have nothing to do cuz my boss not in yet..but when he come back, my nightmare start, cuz all he want must be done that day!!! Crazy nut case. Not complaining cuz i need to work but complaining cuz he dont give time ppl to work. I mean i can work better if u come in 9 am and give me the thing u want me to do then i for sure can hand to u by 5.30 pm rite. Well cuz u are the boss so i dont expect one should come in that early but u can still pass to me before that so i can DO something in the morning :(
What to as an employee is not that great now...
So my next post is follow by a happy new..follow up :)

My wish...

New year mean new revolution rite...try to make ppl agree with me :P
Well this year totally a turn out for me so i make myself a wish list..yeah nicki have a wish list...that dont happen often if u know me...

1. a brand new car
2. a good mp3 player <-- definetely i am talking about apple ipod ok
3. a good mobile phone that can last me a while in term of design :P
4. a Husky <-- this going to come true provide they have the marking i want :(

Friday, January 06, 2006


Well process today is minimal actually...Well how to put this to work......
I manage to put something to our forum to make it more informative i hope....but not sure how it work.....need more input from others member.......

let see what i put inside the forum...ehm....

I put in a new column known as fountain of knowledege where ppl can put in somethin and somethin to others gain see i am very knowledege person kaka
then i put in few background design of the forum for my member to choose so we can change something for a new year..make sense rite???

well that all..chiozzzzzz

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Work?? Money dont fall from sky!!!

Never thought of starting a blog for myself since i dont see the point of it. But now since it only been a month i start work. i still pretty free. People actually paid me to sit around in the office to play around with the internet :P Maybe because it only beginning of the year, nothing much to do. Well how i know cuz i am newbie in this business. My collegue are busy with something well what the heck i know they are busy off.
Position in the office is not clear off. Why was i hire? I dont know!! It was suppose to hire as a designer but instead of designing, i am doing copywriting job, marketing and management!! What the heck!! But not bad cuz what i been dealing all this well and learn is all about designing but i learn nothing about production and how to run it. I am learning well in here. I am learning in production line. I finally know how production people think and what make them difference from designer. Designer think uniquness, reach the unpossible, design stuff who know it is practical or not. But a production team think only thing and one principle. CAN IT PRODUCE OR NOT!!! That make them different. And also it all about $$$ for the production people. Sigh when will money is not an object when come to stuff?? I wonder if that day will come :D
Well i am going to continue and drink from the fountain of knowledege. And of course filling more $$$ into my saving :D Till then i shall continue with life.

First Post..mean something???

First post? Always something special to type. But how special is special? How unique is unique? I always wonder. Why not every post is a unique post and a special post? Why limit it to the first post or the last post? You guys probably thinking why i ask so many question. This lead to my reason of my post. I realise life is fully of question and answer. Some life is full of interesting question, some full with sad and sorrow and hatred question. But the important is not what question life ask, is what answer you want to reply to your question. You reply as postive as you can or as negative as you can. I choose to answer my question as positive as cheerful as i can. Cuz you know why, life is already pathetic enough by question and if you answer pathetic, life is definetely pathetic. For those who ask why life is so unfair or why this and that? I ask you one question for a change, what are you going to do for the change of it? Continue asking why life is unfair and why god this and that or you going to do something about it.
In past 4 years of my life, life change dramatically and drastically. I have transform from a wealth and rich brat who doesnt need to deal anything esp in materialistic to make my life better. I have everything in my life a teenager can ask for, from money to car to everything but now i, a 360 degree turnover. I have to work hard to make it happen now. I never imagine i have to work hard for it. But it doesnt turn out that bad that i imagine. It turn out to be better!! My friend respect me for my independence. Respect me for my decision making and trust me for my words and action. You see, life can be that fragile but it can also be that strong. It just HOW YOU SEE IT n DEAL WITH IT!!
So like as a human and dog also the same. In this blog i shall tell you the tale of each and every of my dog and their life with me. Who help me be a better individual in understanding my world and their world.